Prapat Jiwarangsan (b.1979, Bangkok)I am a visual artist from Thailand. I have a strong background in interdisciplinary art and research. I was trained in ceramics and glassmaking, but after studying at London's Royal College of Art, I have shifted my artistic practice to focus on fine arts. In my creative explorations, I usually incorporate a variety of media, especially photography and video, in order to investigate and represent the relationships between history, memory, and politics in Thailand—particularly in relation to the theme of migration. In the past four years, I have researched and developed a practice that explores the experience of migrant workers outside of their home countries. I see my work as a platform for artist, viewers and migrant workers to communicate and learn from each other.

My installations have appeared in Bangkok, London, Berlin, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kyoto, Seoul and Singapore while my videos have screened at international film events such as Berlin International Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA., and Onion City Experimental Film and Singapore International Film Festival. Currently, I am an independent artist, and I am based in Bangkok.


2011     MA. Fine Arts, Royal College of Art, London, UK.
2009     MFA. Visual Art, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok Thailand.
2002     B.A. Interior Architecture, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok Thailand.
Solo Exhibition

2019     " Destination Nowhere”, Gallery Ver Project Room, Bangkok, Thailand. "  
            " Nocturnal Flowers”, Seescape Gallery, Chiang mai, Thailand."

2016     " Asylum seeker the pond and the fireflies, Jam factory, Bangkok,Thailand."
            " Dust Under Feet" Corner Art Space, Seoul, South Korea."

2015     “ The three-colored pond and the point of firefly ”, BaanSuanPaiLom,Chiangmai,Thailand."
2014     “ In the asylum garden”, Kunstverein Baden, Austria."

2012     " I will never smile again ", WTF gallery, Bangkok."

Group Exhibition

2024       “Forum Expanded”, Belinale Film Festival, Berlin, Germany.

2023       “Nam June Paik: Post-Fluxus Sense”, Seoul and Gwangju, South Korea.              
               “Soft Country”, Loop Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.               
               “I was born and you gotta live with the bad blood now” Erg Gallery, Brussel, Belgium.                                                
               “Tomorrow’s History”, Close-Up Film Centre, London, UK.

2022       “Sharjah Vantage Point 10” Sharjah Art Foundation, United Arab Emirates.
Image Movement: Photography and Film”, Java Creative Café TTP, Cambodia.

2021       “Me Culture/We Society”, Korean Research Fellow 10x10, Korean Culture and Information Service,                       
                South Korea.              

               “Co-Mirroring”, TRA-Travel and Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, Japan.

2020       “ In the Era of Asia's Post LCC, Kyoto Art Center Gallery, Kyoto, Japan."
               " Vantage Point Sharjah 8, Sharjar Art Foundation, UAE.

2019       “ Every Step in to the Right Direction, Singapore Biennale, Singapore."

               “ Blackout, International Film Festival  Rotterdam, Kunsthal  

                 Rotterdam, Netherland."

               “ Beyond the Final Frontier”, S.A.C. Subhashok The Arts Center,

                 Bangkok, Thailand."

               “ Concept Context Contestation: Art and the Collective in 

                 Southeast Asia” The Secretariat, Yangon, Myanmar."

2018       “ Compiling behaviors, digesting actions”Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo Tokyo, Japan."  

               “ DIASPORA: Exit, Exile, Exodus of Southeast Asia” Maiiam  

                 Contemporary Art Museum, Chiang mai, Thailand."


2017       “ Open Studio” Tokyo Arts and Space (Tokyo Wonder Site) Tokyo, Japan." 

2016       " Geumcheon International Artist Exhibition, Geumcheon Art Space, Seoul, Korea." 
               “ Concept Context Contestation: Art and the Collective in Southeast Asia” Ruang Mes56,
                 yogyakarta, Indonesia. "   
               “ Life-World of Asia, Koganecho Bazaar, Yokohama, Japan."

2015       “ Here, there and everywhere : Eurasian cities” The Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, Korea. 

2014       “ The other cold war” The Drake Hotel, Chicago, USA."
               “ BREAKING AND RECONSTRUCTING THE CIRCLE” Gallery 8, London, UK."
               " short_hand_made" GRINDEL 117, Hamburg, Germany."

2013       “ Subjective Truth” 10Chancerylane gallery, Hongkong."
               " Concept Context Contestation: art and the collective in Southeast Asia",
                 Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Bangkok."

2012       " Politics of ME" Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Bangkok."
               " Stage two: Open Certain Site, OCAC, Bangkok."

2011       " Folio " , Royal Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK."
  " CMYOK! ", CPF Gallery Projects, London."

2010      " The Impossible Dream ", The office of Educational Affairs, Royal Thai Embassy, London"
  " Out of Prctice " Siobhan Davies Studios, London."
  " Sabai Sabai " Department21. Royal college of Art, London."

2009      " healing ", SOL Gallery, Bangkok."
  " Love(?) " , Reflections Room in Bangkok, Bangkok."

2008      " Intangible Dhamma in Nature ", Siam City Hotel, Bangkok."

2007      " Collage and color ", Lalanta Gallery, Bangkok."

2006      " Panta eyes at art volume1 ", Siam Paragon, Bangkok."


2024         “Myanmar Anatomy” Vienna Shorts, Austria.

                  “Parasite Family” Onion City Experimental Film Festival, USA.

2023         “Myanmar Anatomy” Sharjah Film Platform, Sharjah Art Foundation, UAE.

                  “Parasite Family” Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA.

     “Parasite Family” Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour, various sites in USA.
     “Parasite Family” London Short Film Festival, ICA, London, UK.
     “Parasite Family”,
Diffusion, curated by RE:ASSEMBLAGE collective, Toronto, Canada.
     “The Asylum” Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, Winnipeg, Canada.

2022         “Parasite Family” Berlin International Film Festival (Forum Expanded)

                  “Parasite Family” Hamburg Short Film Festival, Germany.
                  “Parasite Family”
Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada. 

                  “Parasite Family” Vienna Shorts, Austria.
                  “Parasite Family”
Collectif Jeune Cinema, Paris, France. 

                  “Parasite Family” Linoleum Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival, 


                   “Parasite Family” Festival Silhouette, Paris, France.
                   “Parasite Family” Arkipel,
Jakarta International Documentary & Experimental Film Festival,                                   


                   “Parasite Family” Singapore International Film Festival, Singapore.

                   “Parasite Family” Tehran Short Film Festival, Tehran, Iran.
                   “Parasite Family”
World Film Festival of Bangkok, Thailand.
                   “Parasite Family” Festival International du Film de Nancy, Nancy, France.
                   “Parasite Family” Indie-Anifest, South Korea.

                   “Ploy” EXiS – Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul.

                   “Ploy” Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival.
                   “Ploy” TRA-Travel, Osaka, Japan.
Asia Culture Center (ACC), Gwangju, South Korea.

2021       “Ploy” Berlin International Film Festival (Forum Expanded) , Germany.

2020       “Ploy” Singapore International Film Festival, Singapore              
              “Destination Nowhere” “The Wandering Ghosts”
              “The Asylum”, NTU CCA, Singapore
              “Destination Nowhere” Co-Mirroring”, TRA-Travel/Osaka Art Hub, Japan
2019       “Destination Nowhere” ExiS Festival, South Korea              
              “Destination Nowhere” Thai Short Film and Video Festival, Thailand (In competition Finalist)              
              “Destination Nowhere”, Pleasure Dome, Toronto, Canada              
              “Destination Nowhere” Rencontres International, Paris and Berlin              
              “Destination Nowhere” Llawn Festival, Wales, UK              
              “Destination Nowhere” Minimalen Short Film Festival, Norway              
              “The Asylum” Minimalen Short Film Festival, Norway

2018       “Destination Nowhere” 47th International Film Festival  Rotterdam,Netherlands.
              “Destination Nowhere” Ceci n’est pas un Festival, Montreal, Canada
              “Destination Nowhere” Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden
              “Destination Nowhere” Open City Documentary Festival, UK.
              “Destination Nowhere” KLEX – Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film, Video and Music Festival,Malaysia     
              “Destination Nowhere” Vision in the Nunnery, Bow Arts, UK.
              “Destination Nowhere” Cinerama: Metamorphosis | A film programme 
                by SAM and Asian Film Archive, Singapore Art Museum at Q8, Singapore.
                 “Destination Nowhere” Kinodot Film Festival, Russia.               
                 “Destination Nowhere” Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, Canada. 
              “Aesthetics101” Kaleido Asia, Thai Film Archive, Thailand.

2017       “The Asylum” Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, Switzerland.
              “The Asylum” Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, Canada               
              “The Asylum” Poor Farm Experiment, Milwaukee, USA

2016       “Aesthetics101” EXiS film festival, Seoul, Korea.               
              “The Asylum”The 14th International Festival Signes de Nuit at Lisboa, Portugal.     
              “The Asylum” Festival de Cine Lima Independiente, Peru.     
              “The Asylum” 45th International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands              
              “The Asylum” Les Rencontres Internationales, France.  
              “The Asylum” 27th Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival, Chicago, USA.
              “The Asylum” Lucca Film Festival, Italy.
              "The Asylum” 10th CeC – Carnival of e-Creativity, Shillong, India.
              “The Asylum” Experiments In Cinema v11.4, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.
              “Artist Sick”   Experiments In Cinema v11.4, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

2015      "The Asylum” Addis Video Art Festival, Ethiopia             
             “The Asylum” Experimenta, India             
             “The Asylum” Singapore International Film Festival, Singapore.             
             “The Asylum” Thai Short Film and Video Festival, Bangkok, Thailand.  

2014      “Non-Chronological History” Under the Different Sky: Thai Short Film & Artist Video Showcase, London, UK                        
             “The Measure of Time” The Centre Nationale de la Danse and of the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris, France 2011   
             “Artist Sicks” Image festival, Toronto, Canada.            
             “Artist Sicks” Moving Image Studio, Royal College of Art, UK.

2010      “The Measure of Time” Candid Projection Room, London, UK.            
             “The Measure of Time” Siobhan Davies Studios, London. UK.

2009      “Mirror Mask” (EVA.8) Experimental Video Art 8, Bangkok, Thailand



2023       * Nam June Paik: Post-Fluxus Sense Award, Seoul and Gwangju, South Korea

                * The Peter Wilde Award for Most Technically Innovative Film for “Parasite

                   Family” at Ann Arbor Film Festival. 

2022       * The EXiS Award (Best international film) for “Ploy” at EXiS – Experimental Film

                   and VideoFestival in Seoul, South Korea.

2019      * Southeast Asian Documentary Grant, Singapore International Film Festival 

2018        Jury first special mention, Kinodot Film Festival, Russia. 
2016      * The second jury prize, Imagining New Eurasia Project, ACC Asia culture center,                               

2015      * Finalist, Southeast Asian Short Film Competition, Singapore International Film                                
                Festival, Singapore.    
             * Finalist, R. D. Pestonji Competition, Thai Short Film and Video Festival,                                         
                Bangkok, Thailand.

2008      * Designer of the year (Product design) 2008 by Silpakorn University, Bangkok.
             * The Honorable Mentions Winner for Seoul Design Competition 2008,Korea.
             * Finalist Crystal vision Competition by designboom and Swarovski.

2007      * Designer of the year (Ceramic design) 2007 by Silpakorn University, Bangkok.

2006      * Excellence Prize Made in Thailand Design Award 2006, Bangkok.
             * Participants Young Designer Room BIFF&BILL 2006, Bangkok.
             * Participants Young and talent Designer BIG&BIH 2005, Bangkok.

2005      * 1st Price " OTOP Designer Award " Thailand.
             * Participants Young and talent Designer BIG&BIH 2005, Bangkok.
             * 1 of 7 selected, the Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Competition 2005, Bangkok.

2004      * The Honorable Mention Award Photograph catagory, by Epson Imaging Award
Tokyo, Japan.


2020      "NTU CCA"(Center for Contemporary Art Singapore , Singapore.
2017      "Tokyo Arts and Spaces" (Tokyo Wonder site), Tokyo, Japan.
2016      "Geumcheon Art Space", Seoul, South Korea.              
             "Koganecho Bazaar", Yokohama, Japan.

2019   Aesthetics 101 for Singapore Art Biennale
2013   The work “Non-chronological history “ for exhibition “Concept Context Contestation: art and the collective in Southeast Asia”” commissioned by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok and Office of Contemporary Art And Culture ,Ministry Of Culture ,Thailand.
2012   The work “ Beyond The Measure “ for exhibition “ Politics of Me” commissioned by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok.

2019    Southeast Asian Documentary Grant, Singapore International Film Festival
2018    A research project “Opposite Directions: Myanmar, Singapore and Japan” from The Japan Foundation Asia Center. 
2014    A research Project “Yogyakarta art community integrates traditional and contemporary arts.” from The Asian Cultural Council (ACC)
2013-2014    A research project “ Contemporary Art in Chiang mai and South East Asia from Chiangmai University.

2020   Participant in seminar “Shaping Southeast Asian Identities through Documentary”, Singapore International Film Festival 
2020   “Aesthetics 101, The Unfinished Seminar”, LASALLE's Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore and the Singapore Biennale 
2014   Participant in seminar “Writing Southeast Asian Art History: Inside and Outside Perspective and Setting up an Artist Collective in 2014” Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok.
2013   Head of Education workshop for exhibition “Cross stitch” at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok.
2011   A leader of “Department21” Group, do the workshop and education program, Royal college of Art, London.

Columnist at Fine Art Magazine, Art4D, Bangkokbiznews, contributing on Art reviews in Bangkok, Thailand.

2020 – present  Part time lecturer at Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University. 
2012-2015        Full time lecturer at Multidisciplinary Art, Visual Art Department, Faculty of Fine 
                        Arts, Chiang Mai University
2015   Alternative Conceptual Art, a lecture project from Bacc to Bangkok University, Bangkok.
2013   Exhibition Design, Thammasat University, Lampang.
2012   Art Criticism, Bangkok University, Bangkok.